John Baker

JB runs the business, looks after clients, and is a board member, shareholder and strategist. Loves all things military, karaoke, surf life saving and hates the mid-ground (and 3D movies).

Nat Morley

Nat is a media strategist, channel planner and shareholder. She looks after clients and wrestles with the media. Loves finding a story in the numbers, people watching, family and a great wine.

David O'Loughlin

David is a strategy guru. Loves the Hawks, perfectly chilled white wine, instant coffee, strategically sound ideas and hates clich├ęs.

Bryn Liepins

The Methuselah of the digital industry, Bryn was at the forefront of digital way back when we were still using fax machines. A nationally regarded digital strategist with a passion for algorithms, analytics and anaerobic pursuits.