Question time with our new Creative Director, Corey Swaffer

How long have you been at KWP! for?

I have been a creative writer at KWP! for just on 7 years and was recently appointed to the role of Creative Director. 

What path lead you to advertising?

After finishing Art School at UniSA, I got into advertising because I thought it would be a better use of  my creativity than painting weird abstract paintings. Plus I figured artists only really make money after they're dead.

Where did you work before joining KWP!?

My first job in advertising was as an in-house commercial copywriter/producer at a regional television station. From there I worked as a copywriter at a number of Adelaide based ad agencies.

Have you always worked in Adelaide?

I've worked with national and international clients on campaigns that have taken me all over Australia and to Singapore and Dubai. So I've been able to experience working in other cities but have been lucky to be able to come home to the great lifestyle in Adelaide.

What's your favourite work you've done at KWP!

That's such a hard question to answer. We have so many great clients with so many great brands that I've been so lucky to work on. Top of mind would have to be Coopers Shout Out, which just cleaned up at the AADC Awards. Traveling around the state shooting the SATC Best Backyard campaign was a lot of fun and the ads were really well received. Radio for Ultra Tune and Geeks2U, the MAC drug driving campaign, the Yalumba cinema spot. There really are too many to mention.

What do you like to do when you're not coming up with great ideas?

When I'm not at work you'll most likely find me at one of my sons' basketball games, teaching martial arts, watching The Walking Dead or sitting by the pool with a cold Coopers Pale Ale.

What should we expect to see from the KWP! Creative Department in the future?

More out of the box thinking. The advertising landscape has changed so much over the last few years and continues to change. So being in touch with these changes and looking for relevant opportunities within new and traditional spaces will lead to more great creative ideas.