The Time Machine

Menzies HealthLAB

Menzies HealthLAB is an innovative and educational travelling health program which aims to directly engage youth and Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, to educate them about positive lifestyle choices and taking ownership of their health. The HealthLAB required an interactive tool to achieve this in which a web-based App the ‘Time Machine’, was developed. We used experience and impact mapping to identify what might have the greatest influence on the target audience. The insights clearly showed that ‘selfies’ were an obvious way to reach and engage young Australians. They value self-image, are never far from their phones and Artificial Intelligence is second nature to them. The ‘Time Machine’ would impose facial modelling backed by years of forensic & medical art research to show how youth might age with smoking, excessive alcohol or a poor nutrition lifestyle. To ensure immersion, youths were required to take a “selfie” to see themselves age through time. The award winning ‘Time Machine’ has already made a big impact, as HealthLAB visits schools and communities across the Northern Territory.